Health Experiences and Longevity Lab 

Department of Psychology

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada

Directed by Dr. Kendall Soucie, Ph.D

Email: ksoucie@uwindsor.ca 


Lab coordinators:

Jasmine Kobrosli and Kenzie Tapp.


About Dr. Kendall Soucie

The Health Experiences and Longevity (HEAL) Lab is directed by Dr. Kendall Soucie in the Department of Psychology at the University of Windsor. 

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Dr. Soucie (she/her/hers) earned her B.A. in Psychology at the University of Windsor, her M.A. at Wilfrid Laurier University, and her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Wayne State University, with minors in Statistical Methods and Cognition. She joined the University of Windsor as a tenure-track faculty member in the Child Clinical area in 2019.


Her most recent research interests lie at the intersection of Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology. She is interested in understanding the psychosocial and institutional determinants of chronic illness diagnosis and management (e.g., diagnosis experiences, misdiagnoses/errors, illness disclosures, social support, and stigma) within women's health. Her focus is on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, the most common, yet misdiagnosed endocrine syndrome in individuals assigned female at birth, but she is also interested in other chronic health conditions (e.g., IBD, HS, POTS, endometriosis), and their impact on quality of life. Dr. Soucie also studies how chronic illness impacts a person's identity/life story, body image, and relationships with others, particularly in terms of disclosure and social support (e.g., friends, family, colleagues, and online and offline social support communities). Her second area of interest lies in understanding how young people contribute to their communities during the transition to adulthood--with foci on youth generativity, prosocial engagement, and environmental justice.


Dr. Soucie is also a strong proponent of mixed-method research designs and integrates qualitative (life narratives/autobiography, interviews,) and quantitative methods to better understand these domains of study. 

Dr. Soucie teaches the following courses: 

Introductory Psychology (Psyc1150 & 1160)

Advanced Statistics (Psyc3010)

Social Science Research Methods (Psyc2300)

Child and Adolescent Development (Psyc2230 & 2240)

Qualitative Research Methods (graduate; Psyc8517)

For more information about the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Windsor and to download our program brochure, please go to www.uwindsor.ca/clinicalpsych

For any direct inquiries, please contact Dr. Kendall Soucie at ksoucie@uwindsor.ca

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 Lab Alumni

Batoul Awada

Amanda Bailey

Autumn Benoot

Lily Cao

Carli Cristofari

Christine Elgie

Diana Emerick

Lola Girerd

Susan Jacobs

Anumita Jain

Farshad Jarrahi

Jessica Lalonde

Cindy Ly

Nora McVinnie

Kristin O'Neil

Melina Pizurie

Rachel Plowman

Melissa Ristovski

Caitlin Roberts

Tanja Samardzic

Carly Schulz

Shreya Sinha

Chantal Vien


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